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A podcast strategy is one of the most lucrative lead magnet methods out there and with good reason. The expense and time investment into creating your own podcast can be a real hurdle for many businesses, but giving a portion of your time to an established podcast series can mean you are heard by an entirely different and sizable audience. The networking, brand exposure and possibilities unlocked by this kind of activity can be invaluable.

Plus you’ll be working with a team who deeply understand the power of the podcast first-hand, with our own eCom@One eCommerce Podcast currently at 170+ episodes and counting.

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A one-stop shop for appearing on a podcast, from identifying your USPs, to matching you with a leading podcast, to the promotion once the work is done.

You can expect that once you have appeared on a podcast or two, more will follow as your name becomes more recognisable to listeners and other podcasts alike, and your voice is amplified.

Frequently Asked Questions

We seek out podcasts where they accept guests, but also seek out the shows where they take part in podcast guest exchanges. These are the ones to hone in on and contact. We also have an extensive network of contacts thanks to our own podcast and having launched several as a service as an agency.

Being a guest on a podcast is an excellent opportunity to place your brand in front of new audiences. It builds your network and allows you to lend a voice to your thought leadership and expertise. It can even serve as a way to build an audience for your own podcast if you have one.

Typically, podcasts do not pay their guests. You can consider your “payment” as being the exposure to the audience you are speaking to. Remember, even if a podcast is small now, there is an assumption among hosts and guests that the show will grow, and the exposure will increase.

The guest’s role is to engage in conversation with the host, answer questions, and share
their thoughts and experiences to enrich the content and provide value to the listeners. In addition, a guest can also help in attracting a wider audience to the podcast as well as reaching the podcast’s existing audience.

Podcast production varies massively, but a good host will brief you on how they record and what standard they expect. At most, a small investment into a decent podcast microphone would be a great place to start, however many podcasts are recorded with minimal equipment needed.

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