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Content Workbook creation

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When it comes to blogging and content, it can often feel daunting to plan ahead for a six month or even a 12-month period. Content calendars are a fantastic start, but how do you strategically plan your written content effectively? Our proven RECIPE process includes what we term the Content Workbook, a dynamic document that acts as reference, strategy and process to ensure quality content is produced regularly and with reasoning behind it.

Content Workbook Creation

What We'll Deliver

A Content Workbook by its very nature is a dynamic document that shows you which subjects to cover throughout a year to reach the audiences you wish to communicate with and ultimately rank for. It is an at a glance reference to what you will be covering in your content strategy, whether this is a killer blog strategy, an ambitious podcast project or a series of Digital PR campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

It covers many aspects, but importantly includes:

  • Goals and KPIs
  • Audience Personas.
  • Content Types and Formats
  • Content Topics and Keywords
  • Content pillars and clusters
  • Framing keywords
  • Content Channels and Distribution
  • Content Timeline and Workflow

Yes, we take into account your specialisms, areas you have identified for growth, product range and much more.

Yes, we can recommend several delivery methods, whether you are aiming for blogs, service page descriptions, article content or outreach to relevant press.

Content pillars are three to five topics your brand will consistently discuss, amplify, and create content for, the clusters are deep dives into those pillars to ensure you rank for each pillar effectively through production of content.

You can expect to start ranking on keywords, depending on how many subjects you want to cover and what your resultant workflow/resources allow. It is a dependable document that can be used again and again to map out your strategy.

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